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Free and Unique Christmas Fonts

Free and Unique Christmas Fonts

Posted by Savana Price on 11th Nov 2020

This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to purchase something through a link in this article I may receive a small commission. Using or purchasing through an affiliate link does not cost you anything extra.

This list of free and unique Christmas fonts are perfect for apparel, decoration, signs, and gift projects for the season. Some of these holiday fonts are better suited for gift name tags while others are perfect for Christmas card design. You can certainly find a purpose for all of these fonts and I will give you some great ideas!

As always, please check the individual terms of use on each of these fonts. Though at the time of writing this post all of them seem to be licensed for commercial use as well as personal use, I always urge my customers to double-check. Not only could your intended use be conflicting with the actual terms, but the font author may have changed the terms of use since my writing of this blog post. So always be a little extra cautious, and double check!

  1. Chocolate Candy Cups by Sunkissed Minimalist Co
    First on our list is Chocolate Candy Cups. This cute font reminds me of holding a mug of hot cocoa or hot chocolate on a cold winter night. And speaking of mugs, I can't help but think how perfect this font would be for mug design and apparel.
  2. Candy Christmas Font by SeventhHeaven
    Candy is a simple candy cane font with all uppercase. A display font like this is perfect for Christmas cards, sign design, and banner design.
  3. Adri Script by Adriana Herrera
    Adri is a very simplistic handwritten font. Quick by nature, this font has a very realistic quality about it. I wouldn't use this font for basic Christmas design. However, Adri is ideal for gift tags! This font would also be a great idea to create more personalized projects with your children.
  4. Lets Ski by Font Bundles Store
    This font is so specific that I would want to use it wisely. Lets Ski would be perfect for winter themed designs specifically. Great for winter apparel or holiday cards - you know, the holiday ones that are more general and without that "Christmas" word ;)
  5. Packard Antique by Dieter Steffmann
    Packard Antique doesn't scream CHRISTMAS exactly, but it sure would be able to finalize any Christmas project. This beautiful serif is perfect for wood signs, plates, cutting boards, ornaments, and longer use of text (like on Christmas cards or invitations).
  6. Snowtop Caps by Dieter Steffmann
    This font is fantastic for winter themed parties and decoration. T-shirts, mugs, headline text, engraving, and glass blocks are all ideas for this one. It is very clean and precise making it a great option for more delicate work.
  7. Moderne Fraktur by Dieter Steffmann
    This font reminds me of Old Saint Nick or a European version of Santa Claus. It is perfect to get an old time vintage look. You may want this sort of style on wood engraving, signs, apparel, and sometimes headline text.
  8. Colwell by Apostrophic Labs
    Colwell is probably a more modern approach to something like Moderne Fraktur in the sense of feeling old school. It's classic and timeless. This clean font is ideal for Christmas invitations, Christmas cards, glass blocks, and sign design, though it can truly be used in numerous ways.
  9. Santa’s Sleigh by HypoTypo
    The name of this font is its saving grace. I would not necessarily equate it to the holiday season, but put the words "Santa's Sleigh" together and there you have it. Though it is a super cute funky font, it is most likely best used within Santa themed design. It is also great for that drop cap sort of feel. That being said, it would work very well for books or short stories.
  10. Cardinal by Dieter Steffmann
    Last but not least is the font Cardinal. This classic font has a Christmas feel about it that will stand the test of time. This font is great for titles, Christmas cards, and Christmas decor. Be careful when using the upper letters as some are hard to read.

And there you have it! A beautiful fresh list of FREE and unique Christmas fonts. Some of these are TRULY unique, right guys? I hope I helped to give you some ideas that maybe you didn't think about right away. I tried to keep this list unique for myself as well and only included fonts that have not been included in any of my other font lists before.

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Free and Unique Christmas Fonts