Terms of Use

Last Updated August 2017

By accessing and using this website and its contents (including but not limited to artwork created and copyrighted by SavanasDesign) you consent to each of the terms and conditions within our Terms of Use. 


Copyright remains with © SavanasDesign at all times.

Terms of Use are subject to change without notice.

Purchases made on savanasdesign.com and corresponding websites are intended for personal and small commercial use only. Reselling these graphics as-is or sharing with other individuals / businesses as-is is strictly prohibited. Claiming this artwork as yours is strictly prohibited.

My work is protected under the Digital Millennium Copyright Copyright Act as well as additional copyright and trademark laws. You are not allowed to trace, copy, or share my work whether it is paid or available for free in any way. You are only allowed to share a page from my website on where to download or buy the work.


You are allowed to use my graphics for commercial use up to 500 views or prints if credit is given without an extended license.

If you do not wish to give credit or need to use my graphics more than 500 times you will need to purchase an extended license. You may not sell my work as-is but you may adapt or modify it to fit your project. Credit must be given in close proximity to the graphic element(s) worded as such:



Credit back is not optional unless you buy an extended license or are using my graphics for personal use only. I often check and make sure my graphics are being used properly. Simply copy and paste the entire code on your product pages or any web pages where my graphics are used:

<a href="https://savanasdesign.com">Design Elements Provided By SavanasDesign</a>

I feel like my terms are very lenient compared to many other designers out there. Unlike many, I allow you to use my graphics for small commercial use. I also allow you to use them in a flattened digital format. All I ask is to please be considerate of my hard work and all of the time that I have spent in order to provide high quality graphics to my customers. Just please follow my simple rules and link back! Otherwise, buy an extended license.


A No Credit Required Commercial License from SavanasDesign allows you to use ONE graphic or graphic set without having to give credit. The purchase of the extended license through www.savanasdesign.com does not include the purchase of the intended graphic or graphic set. You must purchase them together. If you purchase more graphics or graphic sets than extended licenses, please specify which graphics or sets you will be using the extended license on. (1) license per (1) graphic OR one graphic set.

  • The extended license does not transfer ownership of copyright. Copyright remains with SavanasDesign at all times.
  • Do not claim SavanasDesign graphics as your own.
  • Do not sell, distribute, or share my work as-is.
  • Intended for small commercial purposes only. If views, prints, or products exceed 1,000 please message me for further instructions and a different price plan.

You MUST purchase this extended license from SavanasDesign if:

  • you wish to use my graphics without credit or
  • views or prints using my graphics exceed 500

Please read the entire listing BEFORE making your purchase as some listings may differ. All of my listings come with the intended use for personal use. Small commercial, non-profit, and educational use is okay as long as credit is given back to my website: www.savanasdesign.com.

Print-On-Demand use and Mass Jobs are not allowed without written permission from me. This means you are not allowed to use my elements, assets, or graphics in whole or part on any Print on Demand platform or for mass jobs without written consent from me. The following are just a few examples of where you are not allowed to use my graphics: Amazon Merch, CafePress, Zazzle, Society6, Threadless, CustomInk, VistaPrint, Allied Shirts, Apliiq, Printfection, CreateMyTee, UberPrints, TeeSpring, Underground Printing, Print Aura, ooShirts, Skreened, Printful, Vacord Screen Printing, and Imprint. My graphics are intended for small business and personal use only. If you can simply upload my work on to a platform or product and someone can buy that product – it’s not allowed. You must create the t-shirt or product yourself. I am the copyright holder of all of my designs meaning SavanasDesign is the only business that holds the rights to sell work from SavanasDesign on any of these platforms. If you see someone else abusing this rule, please contact me immediately. Thank you.


If you have any questions at all please contact me at: savana@savanaprice.com.