Where can I find my purchase?

You can find your downloaded purchases under the “My Account” page after you have paid. You should also be notified by e-mail about your purchase and where you can find it.

How can I pay for my purchase?

At this time, we only accept PayPal payments. PayPal allows you to use money in your PayPal account, checking account, or by using credit or debit cards.

Do you accept refunds?

No, due to the digital nature of our products we do not give refunds. Once products are purchased, the sale is final. If you are having trouble opening or using your purchase, we would be happy to help assist you. Please contact us with any issues.

Why is my download printing out funny?

If you notice any problems while printing you will need to check your document setup and printer settings. Make sure your printer has enough ink. I suggest printing in JPG format when available.

Can I share this product with my family and friends?

No. You can however have them buy the same product to download themselves. Sharing can cause confusion, copyright infringement, and decreased sales to the rightful owner.

You can share the listing of a product on social media or on a website linking to savanasdesign.com. We make sharing on social media easy by providing buttons under each product on the product page and after each blog post.

Can I resell any of the work that I have purchased from you?

No. You can not resell my work as-is. You can not modify my work in order to sell a similar product. You can however use my work for your final design when my work is not the main subject. Physical products using my work (mugs, shirts, cards, and magnets) must have appropriate credit. Any digital work including my products must be modified enough that is not similar to the original work. All digital work must be flattened and include credit.

Example of what is okay: Using my work as an addition to a phrase that will be a downloaded print. Artwork is flattened and you included credit back to savanasdesign.com on the page that the product is listed.

Example of what is not okay: You use my work to reference in order to create your own similar work. The outcome is visually similar (so much that it would compete with the original work). OR you use my work in any form and do not give credit back. Please see our Terms of Use for more information on how you can use our products.

How can I use and credit freebies?

You can use freebies for personal or commercial use in the same way as my other products. You must give credit back to www.savanasdesign.com in link form to use on a website or write in www.savanasdesign.com when used on a printed or physical item. Reselling is not allowed. Check the guidelines for the freebie as some differ.