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Help and License Information

Having trouble? Try these tips! 
Please also take a look at our our updated FAQ.


How do I download my file?

You can find your download under “Account” and then under “Orders.” Click on your order number. You will click on the blue arrow pointing down next to your order. You will then click on the .zip file and it will download to your computer. You will also receive an e-mail with a download notification.

How do I use my file?

Make sure you unzip the .ZIP file! After you unzip, open the appropriate folder if there is one, and choose the proper file extension. I recommend using the SVG extensions if you are able to. Before contacting me with an issue, please double check this step. UNZIP > OPEN FOLDER > UPLOAD SVG FILE in your cutting program.

Need your cut file in reverse for a t-shirt or vinyl? Simply select the “mirror” option when available in your cutting program.

It is saying the file is too complex!

This sometimes happens when a file has a lot of detail. I recommend waiting a minute as more often than not it will load in correctly. Sometimes you may have to try uploading the file 2-3 more times before it will properly upload.

I am seeing scattered elements!

If you are seeing scattered elements when you are trying to cut a design, please “Weld” or “Attach” the design in Cricut Design Space or your cutting software. 

This is usually the only way that a design will cut out exactly as shown because of the complexity of the design.

My cutting software will not open your file! Help!!!

If your cutting software will not open the file format you are trying I recommend doing a quick Google search. Did you know some programs won’t open SVG format unless you are paying for a particular service? Luckily, most of our files come with other formats so there is almost always a way to use them! I recommend trying the SVG format, then EPS, then DXF. If none of those work please contact me and provide me with the name and version of the software you are using. I may ask for additional information along with screenshots of what is happening.

My freebie will not download.

Please note: I do not respond to freebie inquiries. The easiest and fastest way to download all of the cut file freebies we offer is to join our Facebook Group! You can find our Facebook Group at:

I am having another issue.

To have your problem solved in the quickest way possible, please do a quick Google search before contacting me. If that doesn’t do the trick, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I will return your message as soon as possible.



Please be sure to read the individual terms of use on the product page of any freebie. Though not usually required, I strongly suggest linking back to when you are selling a finished product that uses one of our designs or fonts. This helps us to keep releasing free designs for commercial use. It also makes it much easier for me to find and help promote your products on our social media pages!


• A limit of 500 uses per design that is purchased. 
– For up to 1,000 uses please buy our extended license
– For unlimited uses please buy our mass production license

• Creating products with our designs for personal use/gifts or small business use to sell. This includes products like shirts, mugs, cups, wooden signs, stencils for signs, bags, hats, infant clothing, hoodies, sweat shirts, tiles, glass blocks, etc.

• Use of a sublimation printer to print our designs and place them on products that you sell yourself.

PLEASE BE AWARE of Trademark laws and check the TESS database if you wish to sell the design on a particular item (like t-shirts, mugs, decals, stickers, etc.).


• Sharing, re-selling or claiming ownership of any of our designs or files included in your purchase.

• Digitizing – Digitizing any of our designs for Embroidery, including use with an embroidery machine OR selling as embroidery files. This includes our fonts, embroidery files, clipart, and cut files.

• Sublimation/Print and Cut, etc. – Selling any of our designs as prints/transfers/adhesive transfers/heat press transfers/iron-on transfers that are created from with a sublimation printer, a print and cut feature with cutting machines like Silhouette Cameo and other cutters, and any other printing machinery, software, etc. You can use your own designs created with our fonts for this sort of use.

• Print on Demand/POD – using any of our designs to upload to print on demand/POD websites like Amazon Merch, CafePress, Printful and other POD sources. This involves using any of our design files to print on and sell products like shirts, hats, baby shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, cups, mugs, etc. by order or mass production for re-sell or giveaway. You can use your own designs created with our fonts for Print on Demand.

• Mass Production by Manufacturing – mass production of any of our designs on any medium (cloth, plastic, metal, etc.) by any manufacturing facility, domestic or international. This includes overseas China manufacturers who print and sell wholesale to boutiques and vendors in the US and other countries. You can use your own designs created with our fonts for Mass Production.

Digitizing, Sublimation, Print on Demand, and Mass Production by Manufacturing requires a Corporate License. Please contact me for details and pricing.


We often do contests and giveaways on our social media channels. And, of course, it is one of the easiest ways to keep up to date with us and see our newest designs and deals!


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