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Where To Find Free Fonts

Where To Find Free Fonts

Posted by Savana Price on 17th May 2021

This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to purchase something through a link in this article I may receive a small commission. Using or purchasing through an affiliate link does not cost you anything extra.

This helpful guide provides you with the resources and tools on where to find free fonts. There are so many amazing resources out there that provide FREE fonts! One important thing to mention is that some fonts are actually free for commercial and personal use, some are free for personal use only, and others sometimes are listed as free by unapproved sources.

You know how in school you are taught to check your sources? Well it is increasingly more important than ever to check your sources when you are looking at the license and usage of fonts, graphics, and other free resources while on the internet. The best way to do this is to do a quick google search of the font name and designer. Make sure the font name AND designer are both listed together on other sources (like other font websites). To be extra safe you should make sure the price AND license is the same when you are cross checking. Why is this so important? Because there are users (people who are NOT the font designer) out there who download or even buy fonts and then illegally release them to websites for other users to download. There are even websites out there that claim to be legit, but they simply download fonts from other websites to release on their own website instead of the designer submitting to the website itself. Needless to say if you download from any of those sketchy sources, you better be prepared for any repercussions that may follow.

In this helpful list on where to find free fonts, I only share my most trusted resources. And remember, every designer is so grateful when you can donate even just a small amount!

Where To Find Free Fonts for Commercial and/or Personal Use

And then after those resources, things start to get sketchy pretty quickly especially when doing a general Google search. It is still important to cross check with these sources, but if you use another source I would make sure to double cross check!

Other Areas You Can Find Free Fonts