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Best Commercial Fonts for Designers

By on July 31, 2018
Best Commercial Fonts for Designers Pinterest


If you have been looking for a great list of the best commercial fonts for designers, this is it. This font list is comprised of all kinds of different types of fonts. You will find handwritten fonts, script fonts, lettering fonts, display fonts, sans serif fonts, and serif fonts for every sort of design. Each font has been carefully analyzed. Most of these fonts were created by individual designers (like us!) and are vital for the livelihood of the typographer. For the amount of work put in to all of these commercial fonts – and their excellent prices – they are by far the best commercial fonts for designers because of their quality and affordability. This list of 50 popular fonts stand the test of time and will be classic forever. Though these fonts are not free, they are very well worth their price. Most of the fonts on this list took months, even years, to create. By purchasing any of these commercial fonts, you are helping to support a designer just like you. Because these fonts are paid for – you have so much more flexibility in what you can use them for! As always, please check the individual font license as they may change over time.

* Please Note: I have dedicated many hours creating this quick and easy guide Best Commercial Fonts for Designers to make your life easier. The links provided are affiliate links. They cost nothing more to you. It is simply a way that I can earn a small commission from the referral if you choose to buy a font. If you want to buy one of these fonts, please do so from the links provided as this allows me to keep providing you with helpful content!

All of these fonts have been carefully selected to be featured on our list of Best Commercial Fonts for Designers. Improper kerning, too much decoration, and lines that are not clean can get in the way of your designs. You will not find any of that with these fonts. They are perfect in every way to how the font designer originally intended them. Many of these fonts are some of the most popular fonts that designers use all of the time.

Beradon Script by BlackCatsMedia
First on our list of Best Commercial Fonts for Designers is Beradon. Beradon features more than 400 swashes! This font includes classic line decoration to make your designs even more elegant. Includes multilingual support! Beradon is also PUA encoded. This is the perfect script writing font for weddings, gifts, and invitations.

Black Django by Blankids
Beautiful style inspired by vintage signs and decorative shapes. Includes multilingual characters. Black Django is a slightly gothic font. It makes a great vintage style font for logos, headlines, and sign design.

Black Drama by BombasType
Features tons of multilingual glyphs. Includes LOADS of extra frames and swashes! Vintage style gothic font for headers, logos, and labels.

Blackriver by Tobias Saul
Blackriver comes with beautiful victorian swashes. It also includes many accented characters. Blackriver is a very fancy font. Gorgeous vintage font for titles, headlines, and logos.

Brooklyn by Jen Wagner Co.
Brooklyn is an all-caps font that includes two weights. It is simplistic and does not include all of the bells and whistles that other fonts do. Gorgeous and clean sans-serif font for branding, headers, and invitation design.

Bushel and Peck by Callie Hegstrom
Bushel and Peck is a gorgeous font duo. Features a bounce script font as well as a light-hearted handwritten sans-serif font. Language support and over 50 alternatives are included. The bounce lettering script is perfect for logo design, branding, invitation design, and t-shirt design. Excellent choice as a writing font for your designs!

Candlescript Pro by Vast
$39 • $29 Candlescript Pro without Extras
Candlescript Pro is extremely adaptable to all sorts of designs. It pairs very well with other fonts. This gorgeous fancy font features TONS of swash alternatives! Lovely cursive font with lots of swashes for wedding invitations, branding, and headlines. One of the best commercial fonts for designers, is definitely Candlescript Pro.

Chin Up Buttercup! By Nicky Laatz
This fun font duo features two different fonts. Includes an easy going script font and also includes an adorable sans-serif font for quote design, logos, and product design. It comes with plenty of alternative letters. This special font also comes with adorable illustrations!

Chloe by Josh Ownby
Stunning sans-serif font with lots of spunk! Includes multilingual support for various languages including: French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, and more. Great text font for book text, magazine text, postcards, and branding.

Daughter by The Routine Creative
Daughter is a very simplistic text font without the extra frills. Breathtaking sans-serif font that is excellent for branding, business card design, invitations, and t-shirt design.

Delight Script by amarlettering
Delight comes with international language support. It is also PUA encoded. Beautiful cursive font for quote design, titles, headers, logos, and luxury branding. This beautiful writing font is very whimsical in nature.

Desire Pro by Borges Lettering
Desire Pro is probably the most popular font on our list. If you have been in the design industry for a few years, chances are you already own it! Many designers would agree that it is by far one of the best commercial fonts for designers, if not THE best commercial font for designers. Desire Pro features TONS of combinations and swashes! It features 644 alternate letters, 98 ligatures, 8 flourishes, and 6 catchwords. It is an outstanding serif display font for logos, branding, and headlines.

Elisabetta Script by Seniors Studio
Elisabetta features 340+ glyphs and 160 alternative characters. This fancy font includes multilingual support. It is a luxurious script for wedding invitations, quote design, and branding.

Glory by Navi Singh
Glory is a simple text font supporting many different languages. Lovely serif stylish font that is thick and classy. Perfect for headline text, branding, logos, and invitation design. This classic font is one of the best commercial fonts for designers, because you will keep and use it in your font collection constantly.

Gordon by Craft Supply Co.
Gordon features 9 incredible different font styles. Comes with font names including Regular, Outline, Rounded, Rounded Stencil, Strip, Strip Outline, Vintage, Vintage Rough, and Vintage Stencil styles. Features sans-serif fonts and serif fonts plus lots of extra styles that are perfect for everything! The stencil fonts are perfect for designs that need a stencil look! Create vintage logos, branding, headlines, and t-shirt design.

Heartbeat by jamalodin
Gorgeous bounce lettering script font for elegant branding, quote design, and title text. It is truly a gem hidden in the mix. This writing font is extremely clean, has a bounce lettering style, and offers extra glyphs for more stylized lettering. Heartbeat is PUA encoded. It has a different font style that we are not used to seeing, and I love that!

Hello Wedding by MediaLab
Hello Wedding is a simple fancy font with swirls and alternatives. Super clean script writing font for wedding invitations, quote design, and branding.

Hondurhas by BombasType
Hondurhas is one of the best commercial fonts for designers because of its style and alternative choices. Hondurhas has many multilingual accents. It also includes 7 styles for layering fun! Features different types of font styles including Regular, Expanded, Outline Shadow, Extrude Shadow, Engraved, Engraved Two, and Engraved Full. Gorgeous stylish font with amazing swashes for logos, branding, book titles, and postcard design.

Joshiko by MediaLab
Joshiko supports all European languages. It is also PUA encoded! Flowing handmade writing font for quote design, greeting cards, and posters.

Kaleidos by Mika Melvas
$32 • $32 Kaleidos Textured • $32 Kaleidos Rough
Kaleidos is a no frills font with nice alternatives. Lovely vintage script font for quote design, invitations, logos, branding, and business cards.

Kathya Script by Seniors Studio
Kathya includes multi-language support. The many swashes and alternatives in this stylish font are beautiful. Classic script font for branding, logos, and t-shirt design.

King Basil by Missy Meyer Fonts
Comes with over 160 accented characters. The swash alternatives on this font are a strong left swoosh or a strong right swoosh. This hand-lettered cursive font is great for branding, quotes, and poster text. King Basil is one of the most popular fonts for t-shirt and SVG designers.

Love Moon by Genilson Santos
This amazing text font features more than 700 glyphs! It is also PUA encoded and includes multi-language support. Lovely display serif font with swashes for logos, quotes, and header text.

Lupitta by MediaLab
Lupitta includes multi-language support. It also features lovely swash alternatives. Very clean cursive font for branding, invitations, product design, and quote design.

Magnificent by Byuly Ayika
Magnificent features language support for many including Albanian, Basque, Breton, Chamorro, Danish, Dutch, English, Faroese, Finnish, French, Frisian, Galician, German, Icelandic, Italian, Malagasy, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Swedish. It is also PUA encoded. It is an excellent addition if you are looking for different types of fonts. This pretty calligraphy script font is perfect for wedding invitations, business cards, quote design, and save the date cards.

Magnolia Sky by StereoType
One of the most popular fonts for designers as well as crafters is Magnolia Sky. There are lots of alternative ligatures for this font. It is a flourishy script font for branding, titles, and t-shirt design.

Manifold by Connary Fagen
$25 • $25 Manifold Extended
Features beautiful unified letterforms. Has 8 weights and obliques. Includes Latin and Cyrillic multilingual support. Professional sans-serif blocky font for elegant branding, modern web design, invitation design, and headlines.

Molly Script by Seniors Studio
Molly Script features 515+ glyphs and 299 alternate characters. Includes multi-language support. Modern script stylish font that feels very whimsical. Great for save the date cards, wedding invitations, and luxury branding.

Monstice by seventhimperium
Monstice includes multi-language support. This special font comes with different font styles including Monstice Base, Monstice Emboss, Monstice Engraved, Monstice Hatched, Monstice Inline, and Monstice Shadow. Gorgeous display type font for branding, logos, quote design, and titles.

Monttassic by OlexStudio
Monttassic includes international glyphs and gorgeous alternatives. Luxury script font for wedding design, logos, and branding.

Moonshine by Josh Ownby
This no frills font features some accented characters. This different font style is very easy on the eyes. It makes a stunning sans-serif font for logos, branding, headlines, book text, invitations, and business cards.

Muara by A.Budianto
$16 • $16 Muara Rough
Muara comes with over 330 glyphs. Alternative characters include Stylistic Alternates, Stylistic Set, and Swash variant. Also includes 9 lovely vector badges! Vintage style serif display font for logos, branding, t-shirt design, and product design. Muara’s style makes an excellent addition to this best commercial fonts for designers guide.

Old Harbour by Anastasia Dimitriadi
11 special fonts from script to serif for logos, branding, and product design. Also includes 1 extra dingbat font! Font names included are Blue waves, Blue waves striped, Captain’s pipe, Captain’s pipe Sans, Sailor’s tattoo, Sailor’s tattoo Sans, Old Ship, Old Anchor, Old Lighthouse, Seashells, Starfish, and Old Harbour dingbats. Excellent choice if you are looking to mix different text fonts together.

Pacific Again by Typhoon Type Suthi Srisopha
A no frills fancy font that is perfect for so many designs! If you are looking for different letter fonts, this is a great addition. Super clean script font for t-shirt design, quote design, and branding.

Pirates by Unicode Studio
Fun serif font for branding, headlines, and t-shirt design. Pirates is easily one of the best fonts for designers. There are so many times that I used this font when nothing else would work. I strongly recommend this popular font if it is not already in your collection. It is PUA encoded and features international glyphs.

Pontiac by S&C Type
$45 • $29 Pontiac Basic Family • $19 Pontiac Inline
Pontiac is a gorgeous text font that includes these types of font styles: Pontiac Light, Pontiac Regular, Pontiac Bold, Pontiac Black, Pontiac Light Italic, Pontiac Regular Italic, Pontiac Bold Italic, and Pontiac Black Italic. Professional sans-serif font for book text, headline text, invitation design, and clean branding.

Quiche by Adam Ladd
$199 • $22 Quiche Display Regular • $22 Quiche Fine Black
Quiche is easily one of the best commercial fonts for designers. This 52 font superfamily is a complete branding suite. The 4 subfamilies—Display, Fine, Stencil, and Text—were created to work harmoniously together based on the need. This different text font has extensive Latin language support for Western, Central, and South Eastern European. Stunning sans-serif font for fashion branding, magazine headlines, and logos.

Quincy by Connary Fagen
Quincy features 8 weights and italics. This special font includes Latin and Cyrillic multilingual support. Gorgeous serif font for book text, titles, and web design.

Royal Signage by Tobias Saul
Royal Signage has 38 stylistic alternatives. It includes many accented characters. Includes 40 gorgeous vector ornaments and frames. It is a a very different font than the norm—making it great for branding! Vintage display font for signs, logos, and vintage branding.

Rumble Brave by alit suarnegara
Rumble Brave includes multilingual characters. Includes Rumble Brave, Rumble Brave Rough, Rumble Brave Outline, Rumble Brave Shadow 3D, Rumble Brave Script, and Rumble Brave Script Rough – an excellent variation of types of font styles. Beautiful display font for logos, branding, headlines, t-shirt design, and product design.

Sacred Bridge by BombasType
One of the best commercial fonts for designers is Sacred Bridge. Sacred Bridge includes font names Sacred Bridge, Sacred Bridge Italic, Sacred Bridge Old, Sacred Bridge Old Italic, Sacred Bridge Inline, Sacred Bridge Inline Italic, Sacred Bridge Shadow, Sacred Bridge Shadow Italic, Sacred Bridge Outline, Sacred Bridge Outline Italic, and Sacred Bridge Extras. Includes plenty of multilingual support. Vintage style gothic font for logos, branding, headlines, t-shirt design, and invitations.

Samantha Script Upright by Laura Worthington Type
$75 • $99 Samantha Family • $75 Samantha Script Upright Bold • $75 Samantha Script Italic Bold • $75 Samantha Script Italic
Samantha Script features over 1,100 alternatives and characters. Also includes 60 ornaments and 45 catchwords. If you keep up with the crafting or design world, chances are you’ve heard of Samantha Script. It is easily one of the most popular fonts in the design industry. Excellent calligraphy script font for wedding invitations, business cards, and quote design.

Saythis Script by Apon & Stipline Co.
Saythis includes a large range of multilingual characters. It is also PUA encoded. Fancy dainty script font for elegant branding, wedding design, and logos.

S&S Nickson by Spencer & Sons Co.
Supports 75+ Latin based languages. This collection offers TONS of different text font styles and over 250 illustrations! You can also spend some extra time working on the individual letters and make a stencil font look. Thick serif font for title text, headlines, and vintage branding.

Steelheart by Artimasa
Steelheart is a different letter font and features 350 glyphs with 181 alternative characters. Lovely bounce lettering script font for quote design, wedding design, and elegant branding.

Stoic Script by Up Up Creative
Stoic comes with over 550 glyphs. Comes with multilingual support. Also has 101 standard and discretionary ligatures. Very clean script font for quote designs, invitations, logos, branding, and business cards.

Sweet Home Savannah by creativityrush
Sweet Home Savannah comes in regular and bold. It is an excellent different font to add to any collection. Fancy and clean script font for quotes, logos, branding, and headlines.

Sunshine by lettersiro co.
The Sunshine includes multilingual support for English, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Filipino, Irish, Italian, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish, easily making it one of the best commercial fonts for designers. There are plenty of lovely swash variations with this different letter font. Lovely bold cursive script font for logos, t-shirt design, and quote design.

Wallington Pro by Zeune Ink Foundry
Wallington Pro is an excellent addition to add to your collection of different types of fonts. It has 721 glyphs including 268 unique ligatures, 30+ catchwords and 10 stylistic sets. Plenty of beautiful alternatives that make designing easy and fun. Stunning vintage font with an art nouveau feel for logos, branding, headline text, and t-shirt design.

Winston and Winston Sans by Carnley Design Co.
Last but certainly not least on our list of the Best Commercial Fonts for Designers is Winston and Winston Sans. Winston and Winston Sans is an all-caps typeface. It includes US and Western European language support. Elegant serif font and sans-serif font with a vintage vibe for logos, branding, and headlines.


Best Commercial Fonts for Designers



Need to add to your font collection but on a tight budget? Go see our list of the Best Commercial Use Free Fonts.

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2017 Fonts Free – 2017 Best Commercial Use Free Fonts & Top Free Designer Fonts 2017

By on May 15, 2017
2017 fonts free for designers

2017 Fonts Free – 2017 Best Commercial Use Free Fonts & Top Free Designer Fonts 2017

2017 Fonts Free for personal or commercial use! This list of 2017 Best Free Fonts includes Best Free Typography Fonts for Designers and Best Commercial Use Free Fonts. Use any of these 30 fonts for any of your projects with out Top Free Fonts 2017. It would be a good idea to check the font license before using the font in a commercial project as the license may change over time.

2017 Best Free Fonts
2017 fonts free for designersPin Free Fonts

Brusher • Priscilla • Noelan • Engagement • Great Vibes • Lobster • Luna
Dancing Script • Om Telolet Om • Pacifico • Parisienne • Questrial • Sacramento
Bebas Neue • Allura • Happy Camper • Digitalt • Frutilla • Selima • Berkshire
Lemon Tuesday • To The Point • Nickainley • Leckerli One • Cookie
Magnolia Script • Rochester • Grand Hotel • Peach Sundress • Marketing Script

Top Free Fonts 2017

  1. Brusher
    By: Vlad Cristea and Raul Taciu
    Our first font on our top free fonts 2017 list is Brusher. This is a gorgeous hand painted brush script.
    Would be ideal for wall art, quotes, and home decor.
  2. Priscilla
    By: Ianmikraz Studio
    Elegant and dainty script font.
    Great for weddings, invitations, and announcements.
  3. Noelan
    By: PixelSurplus
    Beautiful Nolan is one of the best free designer fonts. It is a great addition to our 2017 fonts free list.
    The excellent swashes make quotes, images, and social media usage a great fit.
  4. Engagement
    By: Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute
    This font has an old school look.
    Great for themed parties, decorations, invitations, and media.
  5. Great Vibes
    By: TypeSETit
    This flowing script is easily one of the best free typography fonts.
    Classic aesthetic is great for pillows, invites, and announcements.
  6. Lobster
    By: Impallari Type
    A ravishing font with a bold vintage vibe.
    Ideal for posters, birthday invitations, and headlines.
  7. Luna
    By: Amanda Leeson
    An excellent choice for best commercial use free fonts. I have seen this one used numerous times in department stores.
    Gorgeous on home decorations, wood signs, and mugs.
  8. Dancing Script
    By: Impallari Type
    Kind-hearted script that is gentle and simple.
    Jewelry design and social media design would benefit from this script.
  9. Om Telolet Om
    By: Arwan Sutanto
    This imaginative font is easily a 2017 best free font.
    Perfect for children’s crafts and party invitations.
  10. Pacifico
    By: Arwan Sutanto
    A fresh classic script font.
    Great for signs, quotes, and over images.
    Note: Upon research I made the sad discovery that this brilliant typographer has passed away quite recently. His family has a fund set up and any donations I’m sure are greatly appreciated. Support the Family of Vernon Adams.
  11. Parisienne
    By: Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute
    Romantic font that can be used in a variety of ways.
    Ideal for weddings, engagement announcements, and gifts.
  12. Questrial
    By: Admix Designs
    This charming font is one of my favorite best commercial use free fonts. It has a simple and clean aesthetic.
    Great for labeling, descriptions, and headlines.
  13. Sacramento
    By: Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute
    This spectacular font is not new to the scene of any 2017 fonts free lists.
    Sacramento is great for quotes, wall art, logos, and branding.
  14. Bebas Neue
    By: Ryoichi Tsunekawa
    Great for headliners with its bold and clean aesthetic.
    Use in magazines, invites, and website headlines.
  15. Allura
    By: TypeSETit
    This font is passionate and elegant.
    Create for quotes, wall art, and home decorations.
  16. Happy Camper
    By: Erika Fisher
    This adventurous font is by far one of the best on our 2017 fonts free list.
    Perfect for quotes, graphic design, posters, and branding.
  17. Digitalt
    By: Gluk
    This font has a scientific appeal because of its precise structure.
    Great for headlines, website titles, and magazine titles.
  18. Frutilla
    By: IanMikraz Studio
    A whimsical find that is a great addition to our 2017 best free fonts list.
    Create elegant social media designs, wedding designs, engagement announcements, and luxurious themes.
  19. Selima
    By: JROH Creative
    Precious brush font. This type is very clean and well edited making it great for print.
    Use in home decor, wall art, and on mugs.
  20. Berkshire
    By: Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute
    Alluring and intriguing font that is very fresh and unique.
    This great top free font for 2017 is perfect for logos, advertising, and themed invitations.
  21. Lemon Tuesday
    By: TypeType
    A playful favorite of many designers makes this a best free designer font.
    T-Shirts, wall art, and invitations would be great for this font.
  22. To The Point
    By: SavanasDesign
    A modest handwritten font.
    Great for t-shirts, home accessories, and media text.
  23. Nickainley
    By: Seniors Studio
    Can take the spotlight in your next magazine article, advertisement, or logo design.
  24. Leckerli One
    By: Gesine Todt
    Tasteful script font.
    Create t-shirts, mugs, and crafts.
  25. Cookie
    By: Ania Kruk
    This enchanting font is a favorite on our list of 2017 fonts free.
    Make gorgeous wedding invitations, posters, layered crafts, and scrapbooking design.
  26. Magnolia Script
    By: Tanya Cherkiz
    Warm-hearted and bold script.
    Quotes, headlines, and wall art are great uses for this font.
  27. Rochester
    By: Sideshow
    Pretty and dainty script font. Great example of 2017 best free fonts.
    Design elegant invitations, home decorations, and social media design.
  28. Grand Hotel
    By: Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute
    Darling bold and fresh script.
    Looks great on mugs, used for quotes, or to use over images.
  29. Peach Sundress
    By: Teagan White
    Cheerful font that is perfect for spring and summer themes.
    Lovely for branding, advertising, and t-shirts.
  30. Marketing Script
    By: Dieter Steffmann
    Splendid addition to our top free fonts 2017.
    Perfect for headlines, advertising, t-shirts, and home decor.

In conclusion, I bet you found that perfect font that you were looking for! This list of 2017 fonts free provides a worry-free collection for both personal and commercial use.

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