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How to move your designs forward in 2017

How to move your designs forward in 2017

How to move your designs forward in 2017

Have you thought about how to move your designs forward in 2017? Whether you create graphic design as a personal hobby, or have been designing professionally for years, we all need a plan to move forward. This simple guide demonstrates 4 essential points on how to move your designs forward in 2017.

How to move your designs forward in 2017


It all starts with an idea. That first thought turns into a brainstorming session. You may be stuck in a rut. Perhaps you are just burned out or have been designing under the same company’s style guidelines for years. It’s okay. There is hope. Try to brainstorm as creatively as possible. Keep your ideas simple and clear. Sketch them out to gain inspiration or to later refine on requirements. Most importantly make sure your ideas as something you want to do.

How to move your designs forward in 2017


Sometimes researching is best before thinking up new ideas, but not always. Reading in general no matter what subject can help you think in a different way. The internet is full of information on any topic, but be sure to check your sources. However, resources can be factual, non-factual, or even out of the norm. Stories about aliens could help with an alien themed party or even to get in a fun mood for a corporate event. Obviously don’t have E.T. peaking out behind a table, but inspiration can be implemented. Stories and imagery are an easy way to find inspiration. Finally, among your research be sure to stay up to date. Make sure some articles that you are reading are dated 2017, and not all 1985.

How to move your designs forward in 2017


Innovation is crucial to be a successful designer and move your designs forward in 2017 and beyond for that matter. Ask yourself these questions:

“How can I make my design(s) better?”

Extra brainstorming, more time, or creating a personal style guide may help.

“How can I be better?”

Try something new! Take an extra step or two to go beyond your next project scope.

How to move your designs forward in 2017

Create an Impact

Finally, create! Create your work for a reason. Don’t design it as a mundane task but as a pleasure. Here are some questions you should ask when you think you are finished with a project:

“Will this help my company/client/message?”
“What does my message or design say?

“Does my design speak without words?” and if so “What is it saying?”

Finally, have another set of eyes look at your work. Is the message clear?

Bring on 2017!

In conclusion, these are the 4 simple points on how to move your designs forward in 2017. Brainstorm ideas, do your research, think innovatively, and create an impact. Simple, right? The truth is, these points demonstrate how to remain a successful designer for years to come, not just 2017. Our fast paced world is full of new technology, ideas, opinions, and a lot of different styles and trends. We may never be able to read a clients’ mind, but we can try to prepare ourselves for our ever-changing expectations.


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