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Sell on Etsy – Starting an Etsy Shop

Don’t know the first thing about starting an etsy shop? Here are my top 10 tips on how to get your etsy shop up and running!

1. Don’t give up.

Starting an etsy shop is not easy and success will not happen overnight. If you are someone that must see figures within the first month, you probably should spend your time doing something else or building your inventory first.

2. Be unique.

There is a lot of competition on etsy. And I mean a lot. If you are not willing to try something unique or very original, you will struggle. You will not find success by copying others ideas, titles, and keywords. You have to be clever and it will take weeks if not months before you will have a clear understanding of your audience.

3. SEO is key.

Etsy often changes how listings show, so it’s frustrating to spend time on etsy games, renewing listings, or on search games when ultimately Etsy changes how they rank listings all the time. The one thing that will remain the same however is SEO. Think of unique keywords that your customers may be searching for. For instance if you are selling a green beaded necklace perhaps try using “necklace beaded in green” instead of “green necklace”. The more specific, the better. Don’t get too specific, though! Focusing on keyword phrases are a huge help when starting an etsy shop.

4. Be a contributor.

Don’t just always take. Give! Participate in etsy teams, treasuries, social media promotion, and contribute helpful ideas for other shop owners. Not only are you helping our fantastic community, but you are gaining a bit of exposure while at it!

5. Learn from failures.

I will repeat this again, don’t give up! Track your statistics and see what is working and what is not. If nothing is working after a few weeks, start all over from scratch! No one starts selling a living wage from day one.

6. Have a dedicated schedule.

This is a huge help for someone like me. I have to have a calendar to remain on track and productive. This helps me meet my goals with flying colors!

7. Build your brand.

Starting an etsy shop is just the beginning. Building your brand is the most important thing you will do for your business. It is also the most time consuming thing you will do! People trust people and brands that are run by real people. They want to relate, feel like they can reach out to you, and be able to connect with imagery through your brand. No matter how old or successful your shop is you will constantly be building your brand.

8. Keep listing.

Don’t stop at 10 listings and see how it goes. Shoot for 30-50 within the first couple of months and eventually shoot for 100 listings before you even think about backing down!

9. Don’t be afraid.

Try something new! Promote your shop somewhere! Try a sale, promotion, or giveaway. You never know what might help your shop stand out.

10. Pay for ads.

A lot of people do not want to think about paying for ads. I get it. Etsy takes their listing fees and their cut of any sale, so why should you have to pay them more? I actually strongly suggest paying for ads if you are a new shop in particular. But be careful. Don’t just pay for any ads. My Google Ads were a waste of money, but my Etsy Ads were a success. After about 3 months with no success, I just made 2 sales from my ads within a couple of days! Most of my clicks cost pennies and I find it very well worth it.

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