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Fathers Day SVG Cut Files and Fathers Day Freebie

Fathers Day SVG Cut Files

Fathers Day SVG cut files are a great way to prepare for Father’s Day! Take your pick and buy an svg file to make dad personalized cards, t-shirts, mugs, and gifts! These SVG Cuttables are an easy way to quickly create a DIY project at home.

My Dad is My Hero SVG – This is a best seller as this simple text svg file is easy for cutting machines. Whether you have a cricut cutting machine, silhouette cameo, or other diecut machine you can easily pick between the 3 cut file versions for your needs. You will get an SVG file, EPS vector, and DXF cut file. Perfect for vinyl stickers, mug design, and wall décor.

happy fathers day svg

Happy Father’s Day SVG – This simple SVG image is great for cardmaking! Create gorgeous layered cards with your cutting machine or use the PNG clipart for printable design! Add your own imagery and personalized touches for an even more amazing design.

Worlds Best Dad SVG Files

World’s Best Dad SVG – This is a best seller for Father’s Day. This listing is a little bit different because there are a few layers going on. So in order for you to be even more creative and be able to have flexibility I included separate layered files for easier use. You will get the entire imagery along with separate text and a separate Earth as well. You can pick and choose which one you would like to use for whatever project you are thinking about! This would look fantastic on a t-shirt for dad, coffee mug, or magnet.

worlds best dad svg

World’s Best Dad SVG – This adorable simple fathers day svg design is great for mugs and t-shirts. Featuring a little Earth, this one will show dad that you mean the world to him! Comes in PNG and JPG format to use for printable clipart. It also includes SVG, EPS, and DXF cutting file format.

Fun Fathers Day Cut Files

I have a Hero I call him Dad SVG – This unique SVG Cut File is great for stickers, cards, and personalized gifts. The moustache svg included in this piece makes this listing so cute and unique from others! A must-have if your dad has a mustache!

I’m as Lucky as can Be for the World’s Greatest Father Belongs to Me SVG – This is a little hidden gem in our Father’s Day collection. This SVG file is very unique in style and imagery. There are a lot of fun layers going on so you can have a blast using this with your cutting machine! JPG, PNG, SVG, EPS, and DXF versions are included.

Some Super Heroes Dont Have Capes

Some Super Heroes Don’t Have Capes They are Called Dad SVG – This SVG Download is a favorite! This is a great piece that lasts all year long – not just for Father’s Day. This would be adorable on a t-shirt where a tie would normally go! Great for cards, stickers, magnets, and DIY projects!

Fishing SVG Files

Want something less Father’s Day specific? These new releases are great options for Dad!

Gone Fishing SVG – This bass svg design is the perfect fathers day svg for dad! If he likes to fish this is the design for him! Also a great piece for little ones who go fishing with daddy. Perfect for t-shirts, his fishing tumbler, or stickers for his fishing pole!

hot rod svg

Hot Rod SVG – This piece is another great svg cut file for a dad who loves to fish. This one includes separate layers for easier customization. Perfect for t-shirts, mugs, magnets, and ice chests. This one comes with a PNG as well as with an SVG, EPS, and DXF file in cutting format.

No matter what SVG Design you choose, you are sure to melt dad’s heart!

SVG Freebies

Download I Love You Dad SVG Freebie

Download Best Dad Ever SVG Freebie

I am releasing these freebies for those hardworking mothers, sons, and daughters out there that need a quick idea for Father’s Day. Here are just a few ideas on what to use these Fathers Day SVG files on!

  • Father’s Day Card
  • Create a personalized Father’s Day coffee mug
  • T-shirts
  • Wallet design idea
  • Magnets
  • Bumper stickers for dad’s truck or car
  • Ice chest vinyl decals
  • Vinyl decals for fishing poles, sports, or hunting gear
  • Vinyl decals for tumblers and cups
  • DIY personalized gifts

If you have your own cutting machine, you can easily create a fun and meaningful gift with these freebies! If you don’t have a cutting machine feel free to get creative with the PNG and JPG files that are included. It is really easy to make a great gift with a little planning for very little or no cost!

Here are some ideas on what you can do with the PNG and JPG clipart that is included:

  • Print on sticker paper and then manually cut out for decals
  • Create a Father’s Day Card!
  • Print on an iron on sheet for t-shirts, ties, wallets, and other fabric
  • Print and trace onto a gardening water pale (or other meaningful item) and then use your own paint to personalize and customize the colors and style!
  • Make a gorgeous wall art print
  • Print and personalize around the design with your children’s signatures, hand prints, or drawings and then frame it.

Even if you have Dad figured out, these ideas are a great way to add a little something extra.

Finally, feel free to use these freebies for any project. Please read the Terms of Use when downloading.

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2017 Fonts Free – 2017 Best Commercial Use Free Fonts & Top Free Designer Fonts 2017

2017 Fonts Free – 2017 Best Commercial Use Free Fonts & Top Free Designer Fonts 2017

2017 Fonts Free for personal or commercial use! This list of 2017 Best Free Fonts includes Best Free Typography Fonts for Designers and Best Commercial Use Free Fonts. Use any of these 30 fonts for any of your projects with out Top Free Fonts 2017. It would be a good idea to check the font license before using the font in a commercial project as the license may change over time.

2017 Best Free Fonts
2017 fonts free for designersPin Free Fonts

Brusher • Priscilla • Noelan • Engagement • Great Vibes • Lobster • Luna
Dancing Script • Om Telolet Om • Pacifico • Parisienne • Questrial • Sacramento
Bebas Neue • Allura • Happy Camper • Digitalt • Frutilla • Selima • Berkshire
Lemon Tuesday • To The Point • Nickainley • Leckerli One • Cookie
Magnolia Script • Rochester • Grand Hotel • Peach Sundress • Marketing Script

Top Free Fonts 2017

  1. Brusher
    By: Vlad Cristea and Raul Taciu
    Our first font on our top free fonts 2017 list is Brusher. This is a gorgeous hand painted brush script.
    Would be ideal for wall art, quotes, and home decor.
  2. Priscilla
    By: Ianmikraz Studio
    Elegant and dainty script font.
    Great for weddings, invitations, and announcements.
  3. Noelan
    By: PixelSurplus
    Beautiful Nolan is one of the best free designer fonts. It is a great addition to our 2017 fonts free list.
    The excellent swashes make quotes, images, and social media usage a great fit.
  4. Engagement
    By: Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute
    This font has an old school look.
    Great for themed parties, decorations, invitations, and media.
  5. Great Vibes
    By: TypeSETit
    This flowing script is easily one of the best free typography fonts.
    Classic aesthetic is great for pillows, invites, and announcements.
  6. Lobster
    By: Impallari Type
    A ravishing font with a bold vintage vibe.
    Ideal for posters, birthday invitations, and headlines.
  7. Luna
    By: Amanda Leeson
    An excellent choice for best commercial use free fonts. I have seen this one used numerous times in department stores.
    Gorgeous on home decorations, wood signs, and mugs.
  8. Dancing Script
    By: Impallari Type
    Kind-hearted script that is gentle and simple.
    Jewelry design and social media design would benefit from this script.
  9. Om Telolet Om
    By: Arwan Sutanto
    This imaginative font is easily a 2017 best free font.
    Perfect for children’s crafts and party invitations.
  10. Pacifico
    By: Arwan Sutanto
    A fresh classic script font.
    Great for signs, quotes, and over images.
    Note: Upon research I made the sad discovery that this brilliant typographer has passed away quite recently. His family has a fund set up and any donations I’m sure are greatly appreciated. Support the Family of Vernon Adams.
  11. Parisienne
    By: Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute
    Romantic font that can be used in a variety of ways.
    Ideal for weddings, engagement announcements, and gifts.
  12. Questrial
    By: Admix Designs
    This charming font is one of my favorite best commercial use free fonts. It has a simple and clean aesthetic.
    Great for labeling, descriptions, and headlines.
  13. Sacramento
    By: Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute
    This spectacular font is not new to the scene of any 2017 fonts free lists.
    Sacramento is great for quotes, wall art, logos, and branding.
  14. Bebas Neue
    By: Ryoichi Tsunekawa
    Great for headliners with its bold and clean aesthetic.
    Use in magazines, invites, and website headlines.
  15. Allura
    By: TypeSETit
    This font is passionate and elegant.
    Create for quotes, wall art, and home decorations.
  16. Happy Camper
    By: Erika Fisher
    This adventurous font is by far one of the best on our 2017 fonts free list.
    Perfect for quotes, graphic design, posters, and branding.
  17. Digitalt
    By: Gluk
    This font has a scientific appeal because of its precise structure.
    Great for headlines, website titles, and magazine titles.
  18. Frutilla
    By: IanMikraz Studio
    A whimsical find that is a great addition to our 2017 best free fonts list.
    Create elegant social media designs, wedding designs, engagement announcements, and luxurious themes.
  19. Selima
    By: JROH Creative
    Precious brush font. This type is very clean and well edited making it great for print.
    Use in home decor, wall art, and on mugs.
  20. Berkshire
    By: Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute
    Alluring and intriguing font that is very fresh and unique.
    This great top free font for 2017 is perfect for logos, advertising, and themed invitations.
  21. Lemon Tuesday
    By: TypeType
    A playful favorite of many designers makes this a best free designer font.
    T-Shirts, wall art, and invitations would be great for this font.
  22. To The Point
    By: SavanasDesign
    A modest handwritten font.
    Great for t-shirts, home accessories, and media text.
  23. Nickainley
    By: Seniors Studio
    Can take the spotlight in your next magazine article, advertisement, or logo design.
  24. Leckerli One
    By: Gesine Todt
    Tasteful script font.
    Create t-shirts, mugs, and crafts.
  25. Cookie
    By: Ania Kruk
    This enchanting font is a favorite on our list of 2017 fonts free.
    Make gorgeous wedding invitations, posters, layered crafts, and scrapbooking design.
  26. Magnolia Script
    By: Tanya Cherkiz
    Warm-hearted and bold script.
    Quotes, headlines, and wall art are great uses for this font.
  27. Rochester
    By: Sideshow
    Pretty and dainty script font. Great example of 2017 best free fonts.
    Design elegant invitations, home decorations, and social media design.
  28. Grand Hotel
    By: Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute
    Darling bold and fresh script.
    Looks great on mugs, used for quotes, or to use over images.
  29. Peach Sundress
    By: Teagan White
    Cheerful font that is perfect for spring and summer themes.
    Lovely for branding, advertising, and t-shirts.
  30. Marketing Script
    By: Dieter Steffmann
    Splendid addition to our top free fonts 2017.
    Perfect for headlines, advertising, t-shirts, and home decor.

In conclusion, I bet you found that perfect font that you were looking for! This list of 2017 fonts free provides a worry-free collection for both personal and commercial use.

Link to this article!

<a href="">2017 Fonts Free - Best Commercial Use Free Fonts & Top Free Designers Fonts 2017</a>
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Create Patterns in Illustrator and How to Make a Seamless Pattern in Illustrator Tutorial

Create Patterns in Illustrator

It is pretty simple to create patterns in Illustrator. Most tutorials simply tell you how but today I will not only tell you how to make a repeating pattern, but also how to make a seamless pattern in Illustrator, edit a pattern in Illustrator, and save your pattern as a swatch. It is so important and beneficial when you know how to do all of these things in Adobe Illustrator.

Who needs to know how to create patterns in Illustrator?

Anyone who is interested in how to create patterns in Illustrator probably already has an idea of what they would do with that pattern. Graphic designers, web designers, illustrators, and textile designers need to know how to make a repeating pattern because their daily lives involve patterns. Crafters, scrapbookers, and DIY-ers would also be benefitted by knowing how to create patterns in Illustrator.

When or How would you use a pattern?

Many common uses for patterns include:

  • Art and Design
  • Mugs and Home Accessories
  • Invitation backgrounds
  • Photography overlays
  • Web backgrounds
  • Scrapbooking paper
  • Architecture / Building Facades
  • Decorations

Do you want to know how to create patterns in Illustrator? It is a simple process but requires a few steps. By following this simple tutorial, you will create patterns in Illustrator in no time!

How to make a repeating pattern in Illustrator

Step 1: Create a new file. An even number like 12in x 12in is ideal.

Create pattern in illustrator

Step 2: Have your image, shape, or design that you want to use ready in Illustrator. The simpler the design, the easier it will be to make a seamless pattern later on.

Create pattern in illustrator

Step 3: Place your design on your new artboard that you will use to create a pattern.

Create pattern in illustrator

Step 4: Select your graphic. Then select Object → Pattern → Make. You now know how to make a repeating pattern in Illustrator! Follow the steps below on how to make a seamless pattern in illustrator and edit a pattern in Illustrator.

Create pattern in illustrator

How to make a seamless pattern in Illustrator

Step 5: In the Pattern Options dialogue box, adjust your settings accordingly. Some numbers you would use to divide 12 would be 2, 3, 4, or 6 in order to get whole numbers. Any of these numbers will work. This means any of these numbers will be able to evenly distribute your pattern in a seamless manner. I used Width: 3in. and Height: 3in.

Create patterns in illustrator

Step 6: It can be very tricky to try to make a seamless pattern from the Hex by Column or Hex by Row option. It is much easier to use the simple grid options when wanting to make a pattern seamless. Grid, Brick by Row, or Brick by Column will all be easiest to work with.

Create patterns in illustrator

Step 7: Space out your objects where you want them. Overlapping objects out of the pattern board range can make it more difficult to create a seamless effect unless they are perfectly aligned.

Create patterns in illustrator

Step 8: Select Done when finished.

Step 9: This creates your swatch. You will find your new pattern swatch in your Swatches Panel.

pattern swatch

Step 10: Create a square or simple object to test your pattern. You will need to select your shape and then click on your pattern swatch. This should fill your shape with your new pattern that you just created.

How to make a repeating pattern

How to make a repeating pattern

At this point I created a simple color palette that I want to start thinking about.

How to make a repeating pattern

How to edit a pattern in Illustrator

Step 11: Select the object that you used to fill with your pattern. Then select Object → Pattern → Edit Pattern.

How to edit a pattern in illustrator

Step 12: Once you are finished editing click Done again.

how to edit an illustrator pattern

How to make a seamless pattern in illustrator

Step 13: Keep making edits until you are satisfied. When you are satisfied you must save your new swatch panel to access the pattern later on. To do this you will need to see your Swatches Panel. If you do not see your Swatches Panel you can open it by selecting Window → Swatches. Then you will need to select the very first button with an arrow pointing down. It looks like 3 books with the right book leaning left. Then you will need to select Save Swatches. When you do this it should automatically go to your Swatches area of Illustrator files. Name the new swatch panel what you wish and then click Save.

How to make a seamless pattern in illustrator

How to make a seamless pattern in illustrator

Step 14: You can easily check if your pattern is seamless or not. Simply create a 1:1 ratio square (for example 12in x 12in). You will then copy your square to have 4 squares – 2 on top and 2 on bottom that are evenly touching and meet in the middle. You will then select all of your squares and click on your new swatch. If they are not seamless you can go back to edit the pattern and check your measurements and complexity of your pattern. You may have to simplify your pattern if it is too complex. Now you know how to make a seamless pattern in Illustrator!

How to make a seamless pattern in illustrator

There you have it! You now know how to make a repeating pattern in Illustrator, how to make a seamless pattern in Illustrator, edit a pattern in Illustrator, and save a pattern in Illustrator! I have included the pattern used for this tutorial in my freebies. You can use it for personal or commercial use with a link back to my website. Enjoy!

Your mind has now expanded into the glamorous world of patterns in Illustrator! I hope you learned something new about how to create patterns in Illustrator in this tutorial!



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Free Easter SVG Cut Files – SVG cut files free download SVG freebies

Free Easter SVG Cut Files

Free Easter SVG Cut Files are available for download in this weeks freebie! The images are released to the public domain by me. Because the words and fonts are created by others and may not be available for public domain use. Please only use the words for your personal use.

Without a doubt you will have fun decorating for Easter with these cute free easter svg cut files and images. Enjoy creating lovely Easter gifts, home decor, Christian wall art, and much more!

The lovely loose font you see is called Frosting for Breakfast and wow, is it already one of my favorites! You can find this gorgeous font here:

In addition to Frosting for Breakfast some other fonts that were used include Alex Brush, Om Telolet Om, and Lane – Narrow.

Free Easter SVG Cut Files

Click Here to Download the
Free Easter Cut Files

In this download you will receive free easter SVG cut files, EPS cut files, and DXF cut files which are great for cutting machines. You will also receive print friendly JPGs and a print friendly PDF document. You will also get web friendly PNG files. Not only can you use these files for cutting work but also print work. In addition you can use the png files on the web!


– Basket
– Easter basket with eggs
– Easter eggs (4 colors)
– White bunny
– Bunny silhouette
– Jesus word art
– He Is Risen quote
– It’s not about the bunny it’s about the lamb quote

Free Easter SVG Cut Files – Terms of Use

Lastly, you can do whatever you want with the files easter basket, easter basket with eggs, easter eggs, white bunny, and bunny silhouette as they are released to the public domain. This means you can adapt upon, sell, share, offer freebies, or whatever else you want with these files. Please share a link back to my website when possible.

However, only use Jesus word art, He Is Risen quote, and It’s not about the bunny it’s about the lamb quote for personal use as I do not own the fonts that were used to create these files.

Happy Easter and enjoy your free easter svg cut files!

Easter Cut Files and Easter Clipart Listings

cross digital paper

Finally after releasing our free easter SVG cut files I would like to highlight all of our Easter graphics! Going back to our original collections, you can purchase our Cross Scrapbook Paper. You will get all 33 JPG cross digital paper files that are a seamless cross pattern.

Colorful Cross Clipart

Our Cross Clipart Set matches our scrapbook paper and include lots of beautiful colored crosses in PNG and JPG.

He is Risen SVG Cut Files

happy easter he is risen

Our simple He is Risen text cut file comes in PNG, SVG, EPS, and DXF. This file is perfect for Easter t-shirts, Easter wall decor, and simple designs for Easter.

Easter He Is Risen

Additionally, we also offer a He is Risen cutting file with a few more details of Jesus and Doves surrounding the He is Risen quote. This also comes in PNG, SVG, EPS, and DXF.

Easter Chick SVG Cut Files

I'm just here for the chicks

Without a doubt one of my favorite products is our new I’m just here for the Chicks listing. This features a cute baby chick vector with the “I’m just here for the chicks” quote. Perfect for your little cuties on Easter day! Comes in PNG, SVG, EPS, and DXF cutting files!

easter chick svg

At this time one of our top sellers is our easter chick vector listing. Featuring cute baby chicks in PNG, SVG, EPS, and DXF. Create adorable Easter t-shirts, Easter wall decorations, Easter invitations, and much more!

happy easter svg

Lastly, in our chick category we have our Happy Easter cut file. Featuring a cute easter chick and the words Happy Easter you will receive a PNG, SVG, and EPS cut file.

Easter Bunny SVG file and Digital Cut Files

rabbit cut files

We are particularly excited to have two sets of our easter bunny silhouettes. In our first rabbit silhouette listing you will receive 10 PNG, SVG, EPS, and DXF files.

bunny cut files

Second, our bunny silhouette listing also includes 10 PNG files to use for clipart and 10 SVG, 10 EPS, and 10 DXF cutting files.

These are best sellers because they are so easy to create personalized graphics for Easter cardmaking, Easter t-shirts, Easter decorations, and much more. Not to mention, this is a great option for Easter client work!

bunny monogram svg

Lastly, our latest Easter bunny file is our Bunny monogram listing! This adorable cut file comes in SVG, EPS, DXF, and PNG. You will receive a black bunny silhouette, bunny monogram silhouette, and Easter striped background pattern.

Christian Cross SVG Cut Files

easter cross svg

Following our bunny options we have a huge collection of beautiful and simple Cross Cut Files. In this first cross set you will receive 10 PNG, 10 SVG, 10 EPS, and 10 DXF files.

Cross cut files

In addition, our second simple cross cut files come in PNG, SVG, EPS, and DXF. You can use the PNG for clipart images or the SVG, EPS, and DXF files for your cutting machine.

Cross collection cut files

Last but not least are our more ornate cross collections. Our first ornate cross collection includes PNG, SVG, EPS, and DXF format files. Ornate cross cut files

Our last ornate cross cut files come in PNG, SVG, EPS, and DXF format as well. These detailed crosses are great for card making, clothing, and home accessories whether for Easter or Christian events and baptisms.

And there you have it! Our entire collection of Easter images and Easter cut files. Overall I hope you enjoy using them as much as I enjoyed creating them for you!

Get the Scoop!

Finally don’t forget to follow us on social media! Not only do we post weekly about new products, blog posts, and sales, but in addition you will never miss a freebie!

Instagram: @SavanasDesign
Twitter: @SavanasDesign
Facebook: SavanasDesign
Pinterest: SavanasDesign

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Clipping Masks and Compound Paths in Adobe Illustrator

Clipping Masks and Compound Paths in Adobe Illustrator

Clipping masks in Adobe Illustrator are something that I use nearly every day. Most designers of any kind will need to be able to use a clipping mask at some point. Today I will talk about what it is, where to find the option, why you would use it, and what sort of projects it is ideal for.

First a clipping mask is a lot like what it sounds like. You would use it to “clip” around a particular area. In the end it is sort of like a layering effect that will take place. Shapes are an easy way to make use of a clipping mask. Text is also very common. Using a clipping mask is great for effects that you want to use in your project. It is also ideal for masking around exact shapes. Take the shape of a heart for instant. If I wanted to have a texture effect of an glitter image I could use a clipping mask.

Before Clipping Mask
Heart object clipart
After Clipping Mask
Heart clipping mask

Steps to Create a Clipping Mask

You will find the option to use a clipping mask under: Object > Clipping Mask > Make. You can also use the Command 7 shortcut on the Mac. I usually right click my mouse and select “Make Clipping Mask.” Make sure the image you want is behind your object. You can move the layer to the bottom or Right Click > Arrange > Send to Back. Select both the image and your object and then make a clipping mask.

make clipping masks

clipping mask

Ocassionally you may need to group your elements, unite them through the Pathfinder Tool, or outline your text before a clipping mask will work. Sometimes especially when using text or complex shapes you must make your elements a compound path first. For instance, if I outline my text my Clipping Mask no longer works (shown below). However, I can make my text a compound path by going to Object > Compound Path > Make or Command 8 on Mac. I can then create a clipping mask with no problem.

Create a Clipping Mask from Outlined Text without Making a Compound Path (RESULTS)

create outlines

clipping masks

clipping mask

As you can see, this is not the result that we wanted. So in this case we can easily release our clipping mask by right clicking and then selecting “Release Clipping Mask.”

release clipping mask


Create a Clipping Mask with Outlined Text by Making Text a Compound Path

make compound path

make compound path clipping mask

make clipping masks

When you would use a Clipping Mask

When or why would you use a clipping mask? Use it to create effects such as a texture or image effect. You would use it to make exact paths such as a round shape. It as also an easy way to finalize a design that may otherwise seem too dull. Use a clipping mask to keep your art from going on to another artboard. You can also use a clipping mask to create mock ups in Illustrator that would otherwise need to be done in Photoshop.

Clipping masks are ideal for creating stationary such as postcards, posters, and invitations. Wall décor or prints use clipping masks all of the time. Even branding can be done with a clipping mask if it is well thought out and done correctly. There are a ton of reasons why you would use a clipping mask.

In conclusion I hope this tutorial helped you learn how to make a clipping mask or that you learned something new about the process. The texture and font that I used to create these examples were created by me and are released to the public domain. Feel free to download them and use it for whatever you want! No credit is required, but is always appreciated. Don’t forget to join our exclusive membership down below!



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To The Point Font – Open Font License TrueType TTF Handwritten Font

To The Point Font – Open Font License TrueType TTF Handwritten Font

Download To The Point Font (TTF)

Our brand new To The Point font is now available for free!

To The Point font is a handwritten font created by pen. It is a great natural font that is not too perfect or imperfect.

This handwritten font is perfect for invitations, wall prints, home decor, branding and much more. Our Open Font License (OFL) allows crafters and designers plenty of freedom for creativity.

Feel free to share this font with others or have it available for download! You may not sell this font or any part of the font as-is. You must also include our OFL wherever you share it or have it available for download.

Credit is not required but is always appreciated. When possible, please link back to! This will allow us to create more free fonts in the future!

Subscribe to our newsletter below and never miss a new release!

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Social Media Image Sizes 2017

Social Media Image Sizes 2017

Use our social media image sizes 2017 guide as a cheat sheet to reference on your next social media design. Today I will talk about the different social media image size dimensions for 2017 on each social media platform and some tips and tricks when designing for them.

There are great infographics out there similar to our social media image sizes 2017 chart that are helpful when trying to find the correct dimensions for your image. Be careful as some dimensions can be confusing or have updated since. I personally had trouble finding image size guides that were exact to one another. Although all of these should work just fine, if you find one that doesn’t please comment below and I will update this guide.

Social Media Image Sizes 2017

Download the Printable PDF

Download the JPG

Latest Social Media Image Sizes 2017 in Pixels:



Profile photo: 180 x 180

Cover image: 851 x 351

Business page cover photo: 828 x 315

Highlight image: 1200 x 717

Link image: 1200 x 627

Shared image: 1200 x 630



Profile photo: 400 x 400 (displays as 200 x 200)

Cover image: 1500 x 500

Shared image: 440 x 220



Profile photo: 280 x 280

Pins in feed: 238 x height scaled

Expanded pins: 600 x height scaled

Board cover: 800 x 800

Board display: 222 x 150 for large thumbnails

50 x 50 for smaller thumbnails



Profile photo: 160 x 160

Photo thumbnails: 161 x 161

Photo size: 1080 x 1080

Landscape image: 1080 x 566

Portrait image: 1080 x 1350



Profile photo: 128 x 128

Shared image: 1280 x 1920

Image in feed: 500 x 750



Profile photo: 250 x 250

Cover image: 1080 x 608

Shared image: 497 x 373 height is scaled



Profile photo: 400 x 400

Profile cover image: 1500 x 425

Company logo: 400 x 400

Career cover photo: 974 x 330

Company banner image: 646 x 220

Link image: 180 x 110

Shared image: 350 x 250



Profile photo: 800 x 800

Channel cover image: 2560 x 1440

Custom video thumbnail: 1280 x 760



Geofilter: 1080 x 1920



Profile photo: 400 x 400

Cover photo: 2048 x 768



Profile photo: 200 x 200

Thumbnail images: at least 404 x 316 (displays at 202 x 158)

Tips and Tricks

One of my favorite tricks, especially when designing on mac is to double over the dimensions so that when you post your image online they will be crisp and clear. Some of these dimensions are already sized up to be clean when uploaded, but it is never a bad idea.

If doubling makes the file too large, feel free to add 300-400 pixels on the length and width and this should do the trick.

Another key point is to always save out in PNG and make sure your images are set to RGB.

If you have to use a JPG make sure your RGB settings are correct and try to save out bigger than required. However, most of the time JPGs will look poor in quality because some platforms like Twitter, tend to compress it a lot. The artifacts are terrible especially at 72 dpi.

Additionally, think about how your image will be used. For example, if you want your image to be shared a lot, you may want to design with the platform’s sharing dimension in mind.

Creating an image to share cross-platform can be very tricky, especially if you like to share on Instagram. However, if you start with an Instagram size like 1080 x 1080 pixels it is much easier to then share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other platforms. Again, remember to double over dimensions if possible.

Adding text can allow for more artifacts, especially on Twitter so be careful and keep dimensions and the saving out format in mind. For the most part JPG format tends to be terrible with text. Provided that you are text heavy or only using a couple of colors, GIF format may actually work well.

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Valentine’s Day Box Freebie

Valentine’s Day Box Freebie

This week I am giving away a Valentine’s Day box freebie. Feel free to use them as treat boxes, gift boxes, Valentine boxes, or anything else that your heart desires! Especially ideal for school children at their Valentine’s party! Additionally this cute Valentine box features the phrase “Be My Valentine?” Perfect for adults as well, this easy to create Valentine’s Day box freebie is great to use for gift cards, jewelry, and other surprises!

Download the Template

  • Here is a JPG Version if you are unable to open the PDF file.

11 Simple Steps to Create our
Valentine’s Day Box Freebie

  1. To begin with simply print out the box template on thick paper or card stock. 8.5 in. x 11 in. sized paper will work fine.
  2. Secondly cut around the faint thick pink line or if you have the ability to have your cutting machine cut around the shape, have at it!
  3. The faint pink dashed lines are your fold lines.
  4. Fold over the middle fold line to create your front and back of the box.
  5. Now fold the thin edge fold line at the bottom of the template for easy assembly later.
  6. Then bend and fold along the curved edges (which make the sides of the box) as precise as possible.
  7. Earlier I mentioned in Step 5 about the thin edge fold line located at the bottom of the template. Once located, you can begin taping or glueing this part together as it is easiest to start with.
  8. The next step is to carefully fold the ends of the box by overlapping one side over the other and tape or glue the overlapping section together.
  9. Fill your box with delicious Valentine goodies!
  10. In addition, the rounded semi-circle box end can face outward for easy opening.
  11. Finally, you’re done!

Valentine’s Day Box Freebie Pictures!

In addition, here are some final pictures! (note: I didn’t glue my ends together yet)

Valentine's Day Box FreebieValentine's Day Box FreebieValentine's Day Box Freebie

Credit Guidelines

Luckily this project is one that can easily be done in a couple of hours for an entire classroom. But the best part of all is that this project is entirely free! Without a doubt you are guaranteed to have fun creating these adorable Valentine’s Day crafts! My only guidelines are that you do not cover up my “” text on the box and if you share it online, please link back to! Have fun and have a great Valentine’s Day!

Please copy and paste this text on your page if you use or share this Valentine’s Day Box Freebie on your website or blog:

Valentine’s Day Box Designed by <a href="">SavanasDesign</a>.

In conclusion these are the 11 easy to follow steps to create your own Valentine’s Day box! Comment below and show us how yours turned out! Above all we hope you enjoyed our Valentine’s Day box freebie!

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Illustrator Automatic Path Smoothing

Illustrator Automatic Path Smoothing

Illustrator Automatic Path Smoothing only takes a few simple steps. First select your object. Then choose Object > Path > Simplify.

Illustrator Automatic Path Smoothing

Afterward, a dialog box will appear. Here are the options that appear when you open the Simplify dialog box.

Illustrator Automatic Path Smoothing

Next, these are the options that you will see.

  • Curve Precision: The higher the value = the more anchor points
  • Angle Threshold: Prevents some angle anchors from being smoothed
  • Straight Lines: Changes paths to straight line
  • Show Original: Shows original vector image
  • And Preview: Shows a preview of what will happen when you change the Curve Precision, Angle Threshold, and/or Straight Lines.

Curve Precision: The higher the value = the more anchor points. This will most likely be the your most important option when Illustrator automatic path smoothing.Illustrator Automatic Path Smoothing

Angle Threshold: Prevents some angle anchors from being smoothedIllustrator Automatic Path Smoothing

Straight Lines: Changes paths to straight lineIllustrator Automatic Path Smoothing

Show Original: Shows original vector image in redIllustrator Automatic Path Smoothing

And Preview: Shows a preview of what will happen when you change the Curve Precision, Angle Threshold, and/or Straight Lines.

For the most part, the Simplify feature can be incredibly helpful for quick jobs, fixing a jagged vector, or producing more straight paths. Simplifying a path is meant to remove extra anchor points. Its intent is to do so without changing the shape of the path and is a form of automatic path smoothing in Adobe Illustrator. When unnecessary anchor points are deleted, your artwork will be simplified, and as a result will reduce the file size allowing for faster print and display.

Hand Drawn Lettering


Simplify Tool
Using Simplify Option

Be Careful!

I only noticed this problem when zooming in and working on the piece later on. As can be seen, some straight edges have looped over on a few end points. Before printing or finalizing your piece for release, zoom up and check if you have the same problem.

Looped Edges

This may be able to be fixed by reducing the amount of Angle Threshold or you may have to manually fix these instances.

Using the Smooth Tool

However, if you find that this does not smooth out your paths how you desire them, the Smooth Tool will do the trick. Smooth Tool If you don’t see the tool in your Tool Panel you can click and hold on any of the other three options that you do see,

Smooth Tool Options

and then select the Smooth Tool.

  1. First select the object.
  2. Then Select the Smooth Tool  Smooth Tool
  3. Click and Drag the tool along the path that you want to smooth.
  4. Finally, continue smoothing until you are happy with the result.
  5. Furthermore, you can change the amount of smoothing by double clicking the Smooth Tool. Smooth Tool Options Dialog Box
    1. Fidelity controls the amount of points on your path. The higher the value = the smoother and less complex.
    2. Smoothness controls the amount of smoothness. The higher the value = the smoother the path.
Original Handwriting


Smooth Tool
After Using Smooth Tool

The Smooth Tool is one of my favorites and most helpful tools that I use. For realistic vectors, the Smooth Tool will be your best friend. It can be very time consuming, but is worth it to finalize an important illustration.

Simplify VS. Smooth Tool

In conclusion, I would use the simplify feature for quick edits. It would also be a huge help if I had a lot of extra anchor points in my design that I would like deleted. If I wanted more straight lines, I would use the simplify feature and adjust the Straight Lines option. On the other hand, if my project is very design sensitive or precise, I would use the Smooth Tool. You may benefit from using both the Simplify feature and the Smooth Tool. Below are my screenshots of the Simplify Option VS. Smooth Tool

Simplify Tool


Smooth Tool
Smooth Tool

Can you tell a difference? Which one do you like better? I hope you enjoyed this tutorial about Illustrator automatic path smoothing. Soon, I will be posting more tutorials about helpful design tools and techniques as I learn them myself. Stay tuned as I will be listing a Valentine’s Day freebie in my next blog post.

Below is my finalized version using both the Simplify Option and Smooth Tool. I also had to manually smooth out a few areas.

Simplify and Smooth Tool

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