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Thanksgiving Clipart – Coloring Pages, Digital Paper, and SVG Files
November 11, 2016 • Design Assets

Thanksgiving is coming soon! Next thing you know we will be approaching Christmas! Lucky for you we have amazing Thanksgiving themed listings for whatever your needs may be. Our listings include Thanksgiving coloring pages, Thanksgiving digital paper, Thanksgiving clipart, and Thanksgiving SVG cut files. So whether you need a fun Thanksgiving classroom activity for your students […]

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Halloween Crafting – Create your own Halloween Scrapbooking, Decoration, and Crafts
October 17, 2016 • Design Assets

Halloween Crafting Halloween Crafting is a great way to enjoy the holiday! This weekend I made some Halloween crafts with my digital paper, halloween clip art, and halloween printables. I took some photos to show you how much fun I had! My scrapbook paper made it easy to craft whatever I wanted. I decided that I […]

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About SavanasDesign
September 23, 2016 • Design Assets

about SavanasDesign, an etsy store selling clip art, clipart, scrapbooking, patterns, printables, coloring pages, and more.

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