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To The Point Font – Open Font License TrueType TTF Handwritten Font
March 6, 2017 • Design Assets, Freebies

To The Point Font – Open Font License TrueType TTF Handwritten Font Download To The Point Font (TTF) Our brand new To The Point font is now available for free! To The Point font is a handwritten font created by pen. It is a great natural font that is not too perfect or imperfect. This handwritten font […]

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Social Media Image Sizes 2017
February 21, 2017 • Design Assets

Social Media Image Sizes 2017 Use our social media image sizes 2017 guide as a cheat sheet to reference on your next social media design. Today I will talk about the different social media image size dimensions for 2017 on each social media platform and some tips and tricks when designing for them. There are great infographics […]

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Valentine’s Day Box Freebie
February 6, 2017 • Design Assets, Freebies

Valentine’s Day Box Freebie This week I am giving away a Valentine’s Day box freebie. Feel free to use them as treat boxes, gift boxes, Valentine boxes, or anything else that your heart desires! Especially ideal for school children at their Valentine’s party! Additionally this cute Valentine box features the phrase “Be My Valentine?” Perfect for […]

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Illustrator Automatic Path Smoothing
January 23, 2017 • Design Assets

Illustrator Automatic Path Smoothing Illustrator Automatic Path Smoothing only takes a few simple steps. First select your object. Then choose Object > Path > Simplify. Afterward, a dialog box will appear. Here are the options that appear when you open the Simplify dialog box. Next, these are the options that you will see. Curve Precision: The higher […]

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How to move your designs forward in 2017
January 9, 2017 • Design Assets

How to move your designs forward in 2017 Have you thought about how to move your designs forward in 2017? Whether you create graphic design as a personal hobby, or have been designing professionally for years, we all need a plan to move forward. This simple guide demonstrates 4 essential points on how to move […]

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