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Free Halloween SVG Cutting Files

By on August 18, 2017
zentangle pumpkin svg

Free Halloween SVG Cutting Files

I have put together some of the best Free Halloween SVG Cutting Files for you to enjoy! All of these freebies can be used for personal use. If you would like to use them commercially you will have to check out the individual terms of use for each design.

Free Halloween SVG Cutting Files

Most of these cut files are very clean and easy to use. I enjoyed putting this list together and I hope you will join me in sharing these amazing designers! Below is the list of designers and links to where you can find and download these files!

First in my Free Halloween SVG Cutting Files list I will briefly mention the svg freebie files that you can download through my website. I have contributed 4 files to this list, and hope you will enjoy them! You can use my files for personal or commercial use, just please make sure to credit me and link back on any product pages. My freebie files include a free pumpkin svg, Halloween witch svg, happy Halloween svg, and if nothing else I strongly recommend downloading the beautiful zentangle pumpkin svg.

Free Halloween SVG Designs

Next I would love to highlight these amazing freebies from They are so creative and gorgeous; I can not wait to try them out myself!

Next, you can find many simple freebies from has a few very well designed freebies for you to enjoy. They are so cute and have very clean lines, making them easy to cut on your cutting machine. is a great resource for some beautiful freebies. Their paid designs are also well designed and worth a look.

At I was fortunate enough to find some simple and easy to use files.

A secret gem in these websites includes Their paper crafts are so creative! From party flags to invitation design, they have you 100% covered for Halloween.

At I found a lot of bundled Halloween files. These are great for quick DIY projects and Halloween design. You can change the language to English in the top right Google Translate bar.

At you can find a few freebies one of which is “There is nothing quite like a fall day” this one is perfect for both Halloween as well as the Thanksgiving holiday! Lori does not offer a ton of freebies, but I truly hope she adds more in time.

At I found this hidden gem. This would make a great light or lantern box if you have a little extra time!

Last but not least is a Halloween Bundle found at These files are very clean making it a piece of cake for your cutting machine. The ghosts are oh so cute!

I hope you enjoyed this list of Free Halloween SVG Cutting Files – Please Like and Share this post!

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Hobbies With Your Pet

By on August 10, 2017

Getting The Most Out Of Your Hobbies With Your Pet

Getting The Most Out Of Your Hobbies With Your Pet

Photo via Pixabay by Jarmoluk

Many people enjoy different hobbies, from crafting to baking, but you may not realize just how beneficial they can be for your mental health. Hobbies can help you beat stress and anxiety by structuring your free time, allowing you to feel as though you’ve actually added hours to the day. They can also help you stay social and meet new people.

When you have a pet, you might find it harder to commit as much time to your favorite hobbies as you’d like. Animals need lots of love and attention, and often they don’t like sharing it with anything else. One great way to avoid this is to merge the two. Think of some things you can do with your pet that satisfy your creative needs while you’re spending time with him.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Get outside

Dogs love the great outdoors, so take him out and let him enjoy an activity with you, such as gardening, jogging, or hiking. Just make sure you take precautions for his safety and give him something to do if you’re in the yard so he won’t disrupt your gardening; for instance, give him a place to dig if he enjoys it, just make sure it’s well away from your flowerbeds.

When you’re doing something like jogging or hiking, make sure to bring water for your pet and allow him to rest when you do. Stay off blacktopped surfaces in the summer, as these can be harmful to the sensitive pads on dogs’ feet, and keep him close if you’re in an area where wild animals are likely to come around.

Get artsy

If you like to paint or are interested in photography, get your dog involved by taking his picture or painting his portrait. Take him to the park and let him play in the leaves while you snap some pictures, or let him snooze by the fireplace while you paint.

Get crafty

If you enjoy crafting, look for ways you can do what you love with your dog by your side. Buy plain white food and water bowls and paint a whimsical design on them, or crochet a sweater for him. Sew a dog bed, or make one from upcycled materials such as an old suitcase. There are tons of things you can make with your dog in mind; think outside the box and get crafty!

Go for a swim

Most dogs love the water, so head to the nearest lake or dog-friendly beach and hit the water! Swimming is great exercise for both of you and it’s a wonderful opportunity to bond with your pet. Just make sure that wherever you go, your dog will be safe. Check the weather reports to make sure the water won’t be too cold or rough.

Plan a camping trip

If you enjoy sleeping under the stars, consider taking your dog with you. Many pets love being outside, and you’ll be thankful for one another’s company after the sun sets. Just be sure to take the right precautions for your dog and bring along any supplies he’ll need to stay comfortable, plus extra food and water.

Getting your pet more involved in your hobbies is a great way to get closer and show him how much you love him. Dogs are very sensitive to your feelings, so when you’re happy and relaxed, he will be, too.

Article written by: Maria Cannon @



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