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Illustrator Automatic Path Smoothing
January 23, 2017 • Design Assets

Illustrator Automatic Path Smoothing Illustrator Automatic Path Smoothing only takes a few simple steps. First select your object. Then choose Object > Path > Simplify. Afterward, a dialog box will appear. Here are the options that appear when you open the Simplify dialog box. Next, these are the options that you will see. Curve Precision: The higher […]

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How to move your designs forward in 2017
January 9, 2017 • Design Assets

How to move your designs forward in 2017 Have you thought about how to move your designs forward in 2017? Whether you create graphic design as a personal hobby, or have been designing professionally for years, we all need a plan to move forward. This simple guide demonstrates 4 essential points on how to move […]

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